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Hi everyone! I'd like to introduce myself. My name is officially Gal, but I call myself Gaal as a ' nickname'  so the people here will pronounce my name better. I am 15 years old. I'll explain my special name right away. I am originally from Israel. I lived there till my 9th when we moved to The Netherlands. I live here now 6 years and 7 months.  I have a little brother (11) and no pets whatsoever, eventhough I whine for a years for a dog. I go to school and I'm in the 3rd grade, which people who do not live in Holland won't understand, so don't let that bother you. I am a TTO-student, which means I get all classes, except for languages, math & PE, in English. 
My hobbies are surfing on the internet, which includes ofcourse Twitter, Facebook and obviouslly blogging. I dans every monday evening, started this year (2012). I dans hiphop and I really enjoy it. Furthermore I don't really have any hobbies, just the regular girls things as watching movies, reading magazines etc. I have passion for fashion but I think I made that clear, haha. Oh, and I read a lot. 

I am a fangirl. I'm a huge, huge, huuuge Directioner (One Direction Fan) and obviously I am proud of it. :) For the ones who do not know who One Direction is (firstly, shame on you!)They are a Brittish and Irish boyband, who were put together in the X-Factor UK 2010. They ended 3rd place, but are the most succesfull 'act', which makes us Directioners ofcourse very proud! You've probably heard their songs, especially one called 'What Makes You Beautiful' on the radio. It is a very long story, but to conclude it in short, they are very important to me, they are even everything I have. When I see a picture of them smiling, that makes my day. :) 

I am a huge Arianator too. (Ariana Grande Fan) I love her so much, she is the most fun, loving, cute person ever. You'd probably know her from Victorious, where she plays the genious 'Cat Valentine'. She is working, actually finishing, her debut album as we speak, and she'll release it soon. She alread had released her single 'Put Your Hearts Up', such an amazing song.
If you have any questions left, or comments, you can always contact me!
L ♥ ve

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