Dear readers..

Since I live in Holland it looked so logically to me to write in Dutch. Eventhough, I started blogging in English a while ago, but then switched into Dutch.Well, now I've decided I am going to blog in English again. You might ask the reasonable question 'why?' The answer is because I think my English will improve if I keep using it. I am a TTO-student, which means I get all classes, except for the languages, math and PE, in English. That should make my English level higher. And because we have to choose a 'profile' next year, we won't get almost any classes in English. The teachers say the English level went downhill because of that, and I won't let that happen to me. That is the reason I'm rechanging it back and start to blog again in English. Yay for that! Plus more lovely people can read (and understand, haha) my blog now. :)

Have fun reading in English, and if I may, excuse me for any mistakes you'll read. Let me know, so I can change it.
l ♥ ve

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