Sparkle sparkle

A while ago I went to buy some foundation, and I went home with foundation and... nailpolish! I am addicted to nailpolish, eventhough I don't wear it often. I don't have a big collection either, but I do have some lovely colours! So in the store they had something new of Essence, which is called 'Colour 3 Nail Polish' (See picture below) and I decided to try it! Well, it layed so long in my nailpolishbox and I have done nothing with it, until today. Today I felt like using it for the first time, and it turned out pretty beauty.

The name is 'Colour 3 Nail Polish', the black part is # 06 - Ticket To The Show and the lighter one, which says 'new' is, I don't know which number because it doesn't say which it is, but it is called 'Front Row Or Backstage?'

This is how it works:
1) Polish your nail with the black part. Once or twice, it doesn't really has a difference. 
2) Polish your nail with the lighter, goldish part. Again, once or twice doesn't really matter.

3) Polish your nial with a transparant nailpolish, so it'll last longer.

I do not know how much this costs, it was in sale and it was a long time ago. But it is for sure less than 4 euro!

Tell me what you think :)

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