Favourite # 1| The oldschool bag

This is a new segment! Everytime I show my favourite items from my closet. This first time: my oldschool bag. I use it sometimes for school, but since it's a bit too small, I can't use it everyday. I use it also when I go to the city to shop. It's a lovely bag, bought last year around this time, in May, in England. Since I am a tto-student we're going usually every year for a week to England. (Next year I'll be going to Ireland! Whii!) We went ofcourse shopping. Anyway, I bought it in Primak (dubble yay) for only 9 pound! (three times yay!)

Oldschool bag | £ 9 (= € 11,21) | Primark

What do you guys think? L ♥ VE / H A T E? 

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